Multi Tier Security
CityVerse was designed with security in mind. Utilizing the latest in web security and AES Encryption standards CityVerse is secure out of the box. Windows user security can also be added to use exising Windows user accounts. In addition to the application and system security; CityVerse is recommended but not required to run over SSL (Secure Socket Layer), providing up to 3 levels of security and encryption.

You can also allow or disallow users to access the system from home or on the road by specifying an IP address that they are approved to connect from. This limits potential breeches by only allowing access per IP address.

This screen shows some of the basic details with a user account.

Right of Way Users

Here we see how to set the users permission levels.

Public Acquisition Users

This screen is the login log which shows all attempts to login whether they fail or succeed and what IP address it came from. You can click on an IP address to resolve who is attempting logins. In the example below, we can see these are internal login attempts since the IP address of is an internal only range.

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