Power Line Transmission


Power Lines


Like pipeline projects, you have a lot of land to acquire to complete the project path of a power line. Whether your power line will cross hundreds of miles of city, county and state borders or just stretch from one end of town to the other, CityVerse helps manage all the entities involved. 


CityVerse lets you know exactly what has and has not been completed in the progress of parcel acquisition. With thousands of parcels in the mix and entities from farmers to state land departments, CityVerse helps identify where the money is going and what areas need more attention.


The screen below shows the accessibility of information when you use CityVerse for your project.


 Powerline Transmission and Acquisition

City, County and State Project Management   City, County and State Project Management Real-Time Cost Analysis   Real-Time Cost Analysis
Private Sector   Private Sector Real-Time Budgeting   Real-Time Budgeting
Right of Way Process Management   Right of Way Process Management Satellite Mapping   Satellite Mapping
Acquisitions   Acquisitions Custom Process Creation   Custom Process Creation
Relocations   Relocations Vendor Management   Vendor Management
Pipeline   Pipeline Customer Management   Customer Management
Power line   Power line Employee Management   Employee Management
Easements-Partial Takes   Easements-Partial Takes Time Management   Time Management
Condemnation   Condemnation Web Based Application   Web Based Application
Department of Transportation   Department of Transportation Multi-Tier Security   Multi-Tier Security
Property Management   Property Management Custom Status Report Creation   Custom Status Report Creation
Document Management   Document Management Multiple User levels and Authentication   Multiple User levels and Authentication
Project Management   Project Management Client / Vendor Access Available   Client / Vendor Access Available


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