Private Sector
Private Sector Project Management
Private Sector

CityVerse was designed with the Private Sector in mind.  Over the years we have worked with the nation's largest Right of Way Acquisition companies and have fine-tuned the detailed management process needed.  This enables you to come in on time and on budget.

It can be challenging working with multiple municipalities because project management is not standardized across the board.  CityVerse addresses this issue by enabling you to design a custom set of details and reports to meet the requirements of any client or project. 

Additionally, our time and money management tools allow documentation of vendor and employee time used and actions taken.  This information is available real-time and relates directly to pre-defined budgets, thus providing the most efficient tracking of project status.

CityVerse is currently being used to manage projects in some of America's largest cities -- including Light Rails, Freeways, and Easements.

Project Management
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