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Straight from the desk of our Lead Software Architect, this blog aims to explore the most recent developments in software technology and how they directly effect the Right of Way industry.
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Right of Way Project Management with CityVerse Dynamic Cloud Software

In the beginning...

I remember our first Right of Way Project. It was almost 18 years ago when we were hired to assist a major Right of Way firm in Arizona by setting up the processes and data structures to manage the new Phoenix Light Rail system. We developed a system which managed all processes up to construction. Working with private firms and the Department of Transportation we created data management, reporting systems, GIS mapping and even mail merges for all needed documents pertaining to the Acquisition process. Furthermore, the system included an in-depth billing management module to enable private enterprises to bill State entities for their hourly activities.

Things ran great. Our client was able to achieve their goals and complete their project on time and under budget. Then something happened. The light rail tracks had advanced to another city, crossing the boundaries of elected officials and municipal oversight.

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