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CityVerse is a Cloud based Project Management solution for large scale property related projects.

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For example, CityVerse was used to manage the property acquisition for a large city's light rail project and many other department of transportation projects around the country. It manages all of the details, accounting, budgeting, documents and much more for large scale government and commercial land projects.

CityVerse is customizable by the client so you are never stuck with a specific set of data structures. You simply design the information you need to track.  

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Project Management- Track projects from conception to completion, managing as much information as you deem necessary. CityVerse provides an open-ended project management solution that puts the user in complete control of the project.

Track pertinent project details along the way such as land details, employee notes, mapping coordinates, contacts, expenses, and much more. Monitoring project progress is also easily achieved through CityVerse and provides a detailed breakdown of any and all remaining tasks that still remain incomplete.

Real-Time Cost Analysis- Tracking project costs is at the core of any successful project. Keep track of vendor/employee expenses, employee time, and any other internal/external cost associated to your project.

CityVerse provides easy-to-follow graphs, charts, and tables to help organize the costs related to a project. No need for complicated spreadsheets anymore. Let CityVerse assist in managing your project costs and providing real-time data for timely analysis.

Real-Time Budgeting- Project budgeting can be a very time-consuming and tedious task. CityVerse addresses this by providing 2 ways to set up your project's budget. Choose between a per-project budget or per-parcel budget.

Satellite Mapping- CityVerse provides parcel plotting to provide the user with a detailed representation of the parcel in question. Plot multiple parcels within a project and obtain an aerial view of a single parcel through CityVerse's mapping functionality.

Custom Process Creation- Custom process creation is the core of CityVerse's open-ended project management solution. Set up an unlimited number of tasks within a process to keep up with the ever-changing nature of successful project management. You can also set up an unlimited number of processes within a project to further provide the user with a complete and customizable experience.

Assign percentage weights to individual tasks and processes to help monitor a project's status more efficiently. Individual tasks can be configured and included in any report generated by the system.

Vendor/Customer/Employee/Time Management- Vendor/Customer information is easily tracked through CityVerse. Whether it's costs, addresses, phone numbers or contacts, let CityVerse manage and organize this information for you. Relate vendors to parcels and/or projects and maintain detailed records throughout the project life-cycle.

Track employee time and easily monitor employee progress throughout the project. Assign employees at a project and/or parcel level. CityVerse also allows you to track internal items in regards to employee time such as personal time off, holidays, etc. Detailed timesheets help organize this information and provides you with a means to monitor and handle billing.

Web-Based Application- CityVerse is a web-based application that can be accessed through the Internet or company Intranet. Keep up with the growing demand for data access from remote locations. Using the most recent web-based technology, CityVerse remains on the cutting edge of efficient project management.

CityVerse utilizes Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, and AJAX to provide the most user-friendly experience possible.

Custom Status Report Creation- CityVerse utilizes the open-ended nature of process and task creation to accomplish a truly customizable status report. Placing the power of reporting in the hands of the user is an ideal that oftentimes gets overlooked by other software solutions. CityVerse addresses this need by giving the user the ability to select which tasks are to be included in a specific status report. This dynamic reporting lends itself to meeting the ever-changing demand of successful project management.

Client/Vendor Access Available- If you need to provide certain clients or vendors with access to any part of the system, CityVerse can be configured to do so.

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