Government & Private Sector 
Intranet Based Project Management Solution

Right of Way SoftwareCityVerse is a web based project management solutions for large scale property related projects.

For example, CityVerse was used to manage the property acquisition for a large city's light rail project and many other department of transportation projects around the country. It manages all of the details, accounting, budgeting, documents and much more for large scale government and commercial land projects.

Although it is a web based solution, it can easily only run internally or on your Intranet. CityVerse is customizable by the client so you are never stuck with a specific set of data structures. Simply you design the information you need to track.  

City, County and State Project Management  City, County and State Project Management Real-Time Cost Analysis  Real-Time Cost Analysis
Private Sector  Private Sector Real-Time Budgeting  Real-Time Budgeting
Right of Way Process Management  Right of Way Process Management Satellite Mapping  Satellite Mapping
Acquisitions  Acquisitions Custom Process Creation  Custom Process Creation
Relocations  Relocations Vendor Management  Vendor Management
Pipeline  Pipeline Customer Management  Customer Management
Power line  Power line Employee Management  Employee Management
Easements-Partial Takes  Easements-Partial Takes Time Management  Time Management
Condemnation  Condemnation Web Based Application  Web Based Application
Department of Transportation  Department of Transportation Multi-Tier Security  Multi-Tier Security
Property Management  Property Management Custom Status Report Creation  Custom Status Report Creation
Document Management  Document Management Multiple User levels and Authentication  Multiple User levels and Authentication
Project Management  Project Management Client / Vendor Access Available  Client / Vendor Access Available