About CityVerse

CityVerse is a Cloud-based software solution designed for Right-of-Way Project Management.

Developed by Canyon Digital Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona, CityVerse is designed to manage land assets for infrastructure projects of all types and sizes, from conception to completion. Since 1999, Canyon Digital Solutions has provided custom application services for some of the largest companies in the United States. Our applications are in service day and night, with some running undisturbed for over 10 years. With cloud services becoming so cost effective, application upgrades and maintenance can now be done with zero downtime.

Our flagship product CityVerse, is currently in use on some of the largest government works and commercial infrastructure projects in the country. CityVerse helps you manage every aspect of the ROW process by seamlessly organizing parcel and project details across multiple departments. CityVerse is fully customizable by the client so you are never forced to use a rigid, pre-designed data structure. You simply design your project based on the information you need to track and manage.

Although CityVerse is a Cloud-based solution, it can easily run on your local Intra-net also. Parcels can be configured to read from a directory on your existing network drive, utilizing your existing folder and file structure. Conversely, anything uploaded is also available on the network through Windows Explorer to team members with the appropriate clearance.

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Canyon Digital Solutions products and services are 100% developed and supported in the USA. Made in the USA

About CityVerse

CityVerse is the flagship product of Canyon Digital Solutions, who have been developing quality software solutions in Phoenix, Arizona since 1999, specializing in Internet Business Applications.

Canyon Digital Solutions products and services are 100% developed and supported in the USA. Made in the U.S.A.
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