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Private Enterprise

Private Enterprise Land Project Management

Private Enterprise Project Management

CityVerse was designed with the Private Sector in mind. Over the years we have worked with the nation's largest Right of Way Acquisition companies, fine-tuning the detailed management processes needed to keep your project under budget and ahead of schedule.

It can be challenging working with multiple municipalities because project management is not standardized across the board. CityVerse addresses this issue by enabling you to design a custom set of details and reports to meet the requirements of any client or project.

Additionally, our time and money management tools allow for the complete documentation of all vendor and employee time used and actions taken. This information is available to you in real-time and relates directly to your pre-defined budgets, thus providing you with the most efficient project status tracking available.

Local Project Management

City, County & State Project Management

With so much to do at tax payers' expense, it is important stay organized and on track with your project management. From Planning & Development to Public Works, CityVerse enables you to handle many types of projects by allowing you to define the details you want to track and on which you need to report.

With our Dynamic Data Structure you can create new fields and processes so that you are never confined to a preset structure. You can create an unlimited amount of Process Types which allows you to tailor your data collection and tracking to the needs of each specific project.

After Process Types are created you can associate them with specific Projects. Each project specified will then inherit the properties and details that you need for efficient and effective project management.

With CityVerse, each department defines the parameters it needs to complete a project. Because it is a web-based program, CityVerse brings everyone together as if they were all working in the same room. After your initial set-up, when you authorize which employees and/or contractors will have permission to access data, they will be able to to view or input the most current project information using the Internet.

Federal Land Acquisition Project

Federal Project Management

The acquisition of land for building and maintaining America's energy and transportation infrastructure is a challenging task. CityVerse is designed to help ease that process. Track Federal Land Acquisition projects from conception to completion, managing as much information as deemed necessary. Track pertinent project details along the way such as land details, employee notes, mapping coordinates, contacts, expenses, and much more.

CityVerse helps you plot out your project and budget your plan by starting with acquisition. Whether your project will cross hundreds of miles of city, county and state borders or just stretch from one end of a town to the other, CityVerse helps manage all of the entities involved. Our cohesive design allows data from multiple municipalities and agencies to all be brought together in one program.

CityVerse lets you know exactly what has and has not been completed in the progress of parcel acquisition. With thousands of parcels in the mix and entities from farmers to state land departments, CityVerse helps identify where the money is going and what areas need more attention. Bring the whole project in on-time and under budget by streamlining all of the tasks associated with the Federal Land Acquisition process.


After years of managing some of the nation's largest Right of Way projects, CityVerse has developed a set of features that provide a powerful, yet flexible software solution for any industry or operation tasked with managing land assets.

Private Sector Projects

  • ROW Project Management
  • Pipelines (Natural Gas, Oil, etc.)
  • Power Transmission / Powerlines
  • Utility Company Projects
  • Linear Asset Management
  • Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar, etc.)
  • Infrastructure Real Estate
    Projects of all kinds!

Local & Federal Government

  • Planning & Development Projects
  • Public Works Projects
  • Land Acquisition / Land Management
  • Communications Projects
  • Transportation Projects
    • Rail & Lightrail
    • Highways, Freeways & Roads
  • and more!

Dynamic Process Management

Since every municipality or enterprise has their own unique process for tracking and managing land assets, CityVerse allows you to structure your projects exactly the way you want them, using as few, or as many processes as you deem necessary.

Create your own custom tasks & processes to track and manage every aspect of your project

The examples below are just a sample of some common Right of Way processes that can be managed using CityVerse. With our Dynamic Process Management system the possibilities for creative and efficient project management are truly endless.

  • Power Transmsission Line Project Management
  • Pipeline Construction Project Management
  • Freeway Construction Project Management
  • Rail Road Construction Project Management
  • Light Rail Project Management
  • Solar Power Generation Project Management
  • Wind Power Generation Project Management
  •   Project Management
  •   Due Diligence
  •   Estimation
  •   Bidding
  •   Agreements & Contracts
  •   Parcel Management
  •   Budgeting
  •   Appraisal
  •   Negotiation
  •   Land Acquisition
  •   Title
  •   Relocation
  •   Permits
  •   Environmental
  •   Survey
  •   Engineering
  •   Lease
  •   Asset Management
  •   Easements
  •   Maintenance
  •   Outdoor Sign Advertising
  •   Claims
  •   Condemnation
  •   Disposition


CityVerse offers a wide array of features that let you manage land related projects of any size or type, from start to finish. The list below highlights some of our most popular features.

Incredibly Scalable

From one parcel to over a million, CityVerse is flexible enough to truly handle any size Land Management Project. Being built on Microsoft's ASP.NET framework allows you to take full advantage of the power of Cloud computing. Currently running at Microsoft Azure, CityVerse is able to scale up to hundreds or even thousands of users at the same time without losing performance.

Dynamic Process Creation

Custom process creation is the core of CityVerse's project management solution. Set up an unlimited number of tasks within a process to keep up with the ever-changing nature of successful project management. Assign percentage weights to individual tasks and processes to help monitor a project's status more efficiently.

Real-Time Cost Analysis

Track employee time, vendor & employee expenses or any other internal/external costs associated with your project. CityVerse provides easy-to-follow graphs, charts and tables to help organize and manage all of your project expenses. Choose between per-project or per-parcel budget types. Use real-time cost analysis to quickly identify and respond to expense related issues before they have a chance to negatively effect your budget.

Custom Reports

Design unlimited custom reports based on your exact needs. A built in report designer allows easy custom report creation on the fly. Use default report templates to create complex reports with conditional coloring that can calculate data horizontally and/or vertically. Any process that you create can be integrated into a custom report on demand.

GIS Mapping

CityVerse features integrated mapping with Google, Google Earth and Bing. Parcel Plotting is used to provide the user with a detailed representation of any parcel in question. View parcel on map or view all parcels on the project, displayed with different status icons.

Route Planning

Plot multiple parcels within a project and obtain an aerial view using CityVerse's mapping functionality. Upload KML files to show overlays, draw basic shapes, add boundary coordinates and save to map. Connect ARC GIS to read from a database and the possibilities are endless.

Custom Form Creation

Design unlimited custom forms that can be mail merged with literally thousands of contacts, saving untold man hours preparing repetitive documents. Need to reuse the same contract multiple times? Create the form once in CityVerse then recall it whenever you need it. Custom forms can be exported to over 20 different formats including PDF.

Project Status

CityVerse utilizes the open-ended nature of process and task creation to accomplish a truly customizable status report. Placing the power of reporting in the hands of the user is an ideal that is often overlooked by other software solutions. CityVerse addresses this by allowing the user to select which tasks are included in a specific status report.

Project Timeline Management

Applying the appropriate resources to meet important project deadlines is crucial. Organize time intensive projects utilizing Share Work environments with co-workers, other departments or even other entities. Easily create reminders that update you right when you login and gauge your progress using the calendar feature. CityVerse keeps your project on track all the way to completion.

Document Management

Documents can be spread across multiple file cabinets, hard drives and computers off site. CityVerse brings them all into one view, allowing you to scan and/or import any type of document or file and associate it to a parcel or project. Export reports or other important project data using Excel, Word, PDF, TIFF or CSV.

Complex Contact Management

Add unlimited contacts to projects & parcels. Relate contacts to each other such as relatives or tenants to land owners, etc. Create different contact types and detail sets for each type of contact. Enter a contact once and then relate it to as many parcels as necessary. There's no need to ever type your contact details twice.

Work-flow Management

One of the many advantages to our dynamic processes design is the ability to organize your data input fields in the exact work-flow order of your project. Properly organizing your project, process and task work-flows can greatly improve your project efficiency by streamlining your operations and truly expediting your project to completion.

Payment Management

A variety of features are available to assist with the timely handling of a project's financial obligations. For example, you can assign project status markers to trigger payment authorizations once any pre-qualifications are met, or stay current by scheduling helpful payment reminders.

Employee Time Management

Easily monitor employees' time worked and the progress made on their assigned tasks. Also track items such as personal time off, vacations and holidays. Detailed timesheets help you organize this information, providing a means to manage and process payments to employees for hours worked or billed.

Vendor & Customer Management

Relate vendors & customers to parcels or projects. Easily manage detailed records throughout the project life-cycle, whether it's tracking costs, contacts or other vital project details.

Highly Customizable

Even though several features are highly customizable, such as Processes, Forms & Reports, CityVerse still maintains a familiar program structure that provides a consistent look and feel across all of your projects.

Web-based Application

From your office, home or out in the field. CityVerse allows you to enjoy all the benefits that web-based technology has to offer. Access project data remotely via the internet and instantly update project details to provide your team with the most current, real-time project status information available.

Cloud Hosting

CityVerse is a Microsoft ASP.NET web-based application designed to take full advantage of today's modern Cloud technology. Able to scale up to thousands of users simultaneously without losing performance, CityVerse is currently running at Microsoft Azure at their A1 Level with no delays. CityVerse aims for 99.999% uptime, or down for less than 15 minutes a year.

Mobile Capability

To keep up with the growing demand for data access from remote locations, CityVerse is utilizing the most recent web-based technologies available. Connect to project data through the internet using any number of different mobile devices. Designed with responsive screen technology to display the best possible view across multiple devices.

Project Collaboration

One of the greatest benefits of web based technology is the ability to connect multiple users to a project as if they were all working together in the same room. Authorized users are able to access project details and collaborate with their team in real-time by connecting to the internet from their desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Local Network - Intra-net

Even though CityVerse is optimized to run as a web based software solution, we understand that certain operations aren't designed or allowed to access project information from the internet. That's why we also offer CityVerse as an Intra-net application that can be installed and ran on your own private local network.

Project History

Utilize the Project History feature to leave detailed project notes and create a chronological communications log that can be referred to throughout the duration of the project. Quickly update team members with project history information that may well have been forgotten or lost in the shuffle otherwise. This feature is especially helpful for tracking communications on long projects with multiple participants.


CityVerse provides users with a means to communicate important project information to other team members using a combination of reminders and alerts. Reminders can be pre-scheduled using the calendar feature for timely and orderly project management. Assign alerts to a process or task to pass along vital details or instructions to the other members of your project.

Role Based Security

Create custom user levels that allow your administrators to control which program functions and menu items are made available for each role, department or user type. You can customize screens for each user group or even allow clients read-only access. Users will only be able to access information on the parcels and projects they are assigned to.

Interfaces & Dashboards

Customizable interfaces and dashboards allow you to personalize your viewing experience. CityVerse utilizes Telerik's User Interface Component technology, one of the web's most powerful UI customization tools.

3rd Party Integration

Use the CityVerse API to create new custom modules or access from 3rd party Software. Develop new functionality in C# or other .NET languages and make available to users with zero application downtime.

Free Updates

All license purchases and subscriptions come with the added benefit of FREE software updates. Every time CityVerse is improved, you are provided with the most recent version of the software at no additional cost, automatically! Administrators receive update bulletins in advance containing a full list of the new features that will become available.

Dedicated Support

CityVerse users are provided with a variety of tools to help guide them through the process of installing, setting up and running the software, either as a web-based or local intra-net application. Utilize online support tools such as New Customer Set-Up, How-To-Guides, Technical Blogs, Video Tutorials, FAQs or contact support directly by phone or via email 24/7.

  • Project management your way
    Set up unlimited tasks within a process to successfully manage every project detail.
  • Save valuable time & resources
    Easy-to-follow graphs, charts & tables track all project costs in real-time.
  • Maximize efficiency & coordination
    Web-based technology allows users to collaborate on projects remotely.
  • All documents in one program
    Upload JPEGs, PDFs, Word, Excel or any other file type directly from the project screen.

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